DV 2015
The Department of State has published instructions for the 2015 Diversity Immigrant Visa Program. They are now available at

A must watch documentary on PBS starting today.
We are a country of immigrants.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
New DACA numbers are out. Under DACA, certain young undocumented individuals who came to the United States as children and meet several key guidelines may request consideration of deferred action for a period of two years, subject to renewal, and would then be eligible for work authorization.

EU may impose visa requirements on US nationals
Fresh news from Europe: The EU Parliament voted to reimpose visa requirements for nationals of countries such as the US and Canada that still impose them on EU citizens (e.g. Romanians, Bulgarians, Polish)

Zuckerberg on immigration
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg meets with Republicans

Business leaders tell lawmakers not to forget about immigration
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Groups announce 40 days of fasting and prayer for immigration reform
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Iowa joins RIDE
As of September 8, 2013, Iowa is the fourth state to join the Records and Information from DMVs for E-Verify (RIDE) program.
RIDE enables E-Verify to confirm information from drivers’ licenses and state identification cards presented by employees as Form I-9 identity documents.
Mississippi, Florida and Idaho are also RIDE participants.

What’s the next strategy if immigration reform fails?
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House Republicans in California find a struggle on immigration
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Immigration reform: A moral imperative
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